Travel advisories issued as Sri Lanka gets set to vote

Several countries have issued travel advisories as Sri Lanka prepares to vote at the Presidential election.

The United States, United Kingdom and Australia are among the countries which have issued travel advisories for Sri Lanka.

The United States has alerted American citizens of the potential for demonstrations before, during, and after the November 16, 2019, presidential election.

The United Kingdom notes that there have been sporadic incidents of violence during the campaign so far and it is possible these will continue up to and beyond polling date.

“You should take appropriate security precautions, follow local advice, comply with security instructions and avoid large gatherings, protests and rallies,” the travel advise issued by the UK notes.

Australia notes that with the Presidential elections to be held on 16 November Australians should avoid political gatherings before, during and after the election period.

The Australian Government says there is the potential for civil unrest and violence against people and property. Australians have been urged to avoid all demonstrations and large public gatherings, as they may turn violent.

Canada noted that with Presidential elections due to take place on November 16, 2019 demonstrations could occur before, during and after the elections.


  1. People who are meddling in other countries’ affairs and create division among the people know what is going to happen :—))) The Five Eyes countries are experts in this particular field.


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