Urbanest Apartments guaranteed to be Sri Lanka’s most sustainable condominium project

Urbanest Apartments, a venture of SES Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd, boldly offers residents of its 12 unit, 3-bedroom condominium – ‘Urbanest’, unique sustainable living solutions with uncompromised quality in luxury vertical living.

Under the guidance of Architect and Condominium Developer – Asela Perera, the apartment project, located at Buthgamuwa Road, Rajagiriya, features ethical, sustainable living solutions, that cumulatively allow for the building to have the lowest CO2 emissions in the nation; as well as considerably  lower than that of its neighbours.

The project offers several popular sustainability methods practiced globally, including natural ventilation, double glazed panelling, daylight savings, allowing residents higher efficiency on electricity consumption and rain water harvesting of 19,000 litres and a grey water re-using system. The latter will ensure the reduction in use of water from the main line for drip feeding the six (06) level green-scaping and balcony plant troughs. This system will result in reduced sewerage, as well as reduced risk of localized flooding and strain on the yet to be improved city/ suburb infrastructure.

All organic waste will be composted on site to provide nutrient rich fertilizer for the vegetation throughout the apartment building. The bio filter septic system will mitigate any odour from the composting facility adding to the zero waste lifestyle of all residents at Urbanest. In addition, the electricity for the common areas will be supplemented with a 25 kW solar photovoltaic system which will generate 2,932 kWh, reducing 70 tons of CO2 each year (equivalent to the annual emissions of 15 average sized cars).

With its sustainability systems valued at approx LKR 20 million, residents are provided with reduced maintenance costs and Developer Management for upto three [03] years upon completion and handover in 2020. Commenting on Sri Lanka’s apartment boom, Architect & CEO, SES Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd – Asela Perera, noted “It is increasingly disturbing that when compared with Japan’s 67% rainforest cover, Sri Lanka only has 28% of rainforest cover remaining. As the real estate industry is currently in its infancy, we are seeing a notable increase in condominiums around the country. With the upcoming presidential election Sri Lanka needs to work toward sustainable urbanization. It is an outright travesty that none of the developments practice truly sustainable construction/ living – creating masterpieces that give back to our nation in terms of environment and beauty. Colombo and its suburbs are slowly shifting to a concrete jungle status.It is my intent with the design and use of nearly 45% green solutions throughout the property that we effect change in the Developer and Buyer culture.”

The 1,388 – 1,456 sq ft apartments ranging from LKR 23.5million to LKR 31 million are expected to bring in an average rental yield of LKR 8 million and 25% of capital gains per annum.

Concluding, Perera noted “Urbanest is expected to be more green efficient as its design is based on building better sustainable housing, rather than being profit-focused. In fact our per square foot price (LKR 18,000/- to LKR 21,000/-) is lower than that of other properties in the vicinity as we have maintained core, transparent pricing. Our margins are thus lower, but this allows residents to still receive the same quality fittings and fixtures, along with the same common area facilities – lobby, pool, gymnasium, rooftop terrace, resident car park, as well as a guest car park.”

The building is expected to receive its green certification upon completion and is expected to be Sri Lanka’s most sustainable condominium project to date.


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