Sri Lanka Promotion Bureau Chairman Kishu Gomes resigns

Allowing the new Government to appoint a new Chairman, Kishu Gomes has rendered his resignation to Sri-Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau effective 15th of November 2019 having been in the industry for 9 + months.

Early this year, Kishu received an invitation from the tourism industry to accept the position of Chairman Sri-Lanka Promotion Bureau which was approved by the President.

However, the Prime Minister having reviewed the appointments approved by the president, later decided to make Kishu the Chairman of both Sri-Lanka Tourism Development Authority and Sri-Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau.

With the Easter attack shattering the hopes of the tourism industry with 42 foreigners dying and over 200 foreigners getting injured with the terrorist attack on the three 5 star hotels, Kishu took the lead in responding to the challenge covering all stakeholders of the industry locally and globally by quickly appointing an Emergency Response Team combining the two organizations that successfully accomplished all fundamental tasks in assessing, defining and providing solutions to the issue liaising with the private and public agencies here and abroad including the 3 Armed forces and the Police.

Just within a few days after the incident Kishu travelled to Dubai to take part in the Arabian Travel Mart where he faced almost all the leading global media organizations including CNN to effectively lay the foundation for the industry recovery with a few bold statements that received highest accolades.

By end Oct industry has recovered up to 80% just in 6 months reviving hopes of early recovery as compared to the time taken by other countries in similar situations.