Sirisena chairs his last cabinet meeting

President Maithripala Sirisena chaired his last cabinet meeting at the Presidential Secretariat today.

Cabinet members said that both the President and cabinet commended each other on the work done since 2015.

They said that despite differences of opinion it was agreed that considerable change was brought about in the country since 2015.

Meanwhile, Sports Minister Harin Fernando tweeted saying “President for the last time sat at the cabinet. We may have had lots of differences but as People who elected you in 2015 we thank you for standing by your word on serving only 1 term. Democracy was restored in many ways even against you in 2018.”


  1. Dear Mr. President, Our sincere thanks for a great job well done!Thank you sir for taking the country to this peaceful level. Thank you also for being brave to support us when tyranny was reigning, and it was you – God sent. No one else could’ve done this heroic act because you had to put your life at stake.
    We know you did not get enough support from some key members in the cabinet – still you put country before yourself. We consider you as a great hero. I hope and pray this great deed would be recognized by the next administration as it’s not easy to go against your own party members. But you have done a humane service with utmost dedication and sincerity in spite of many threats. We are very thankful to you as we are able to move freely without any hindrance.

    May you stay blessed.

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