Navy detains eight Sri Lankans attempting to migrate illegally

The Navy detained eight Sri Lankans who had attempted to migrate overseas illegally by boat.

The Navy said that the Sri Lankans were arrested off Thalaimannar early this morning.

Among those arrested were a woman and two children.



  1. A fool can damage you more than an intellectual.

    If a doctor or an engineer migrates to a foreign country Sri Lanka loses talent. But when a fool leaves Sri Lanka and settles in a foreign country as a refugee he become a foreign puppet and become an enemy of Sri Lanka. Statistically proven that the Australian Tamil diaspora didn’t contribute to the LTTE as much as the Canadian and European diaspora, because average Australian diaspora is well qualified. Whether is a talent or fool, the foreign power will take it gladly, because talent can be used to develop the foreign country and fool can be used to destabilise his motherland. Therefore, preventing talents and fools leaving Sri Lanka is paramount for Sri Lanka’s development.

    I urge you to implement finger print technology in every port to monitor everyone who enters and leaves the country, so nobody can use multiple passports. Tamil Nadu has been used for terrorism by the LTTE and Muslim radicals. Therefore, monitor everyone who travels to India frequently, including phone calls, emails and bank accounts. I would say border security is the top priority. Otherwise, terrorism can easily undermine the developments. Think about the financial losses after the Easter Sunday attacks.

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