FB urged to control election related political propaganda

Facebook has been urged by local election monitors to control election related political propaganda.

The People’s Action for Free and Fair Elections (PAFFREL), noted that according to election laws in Sri Lanka all political propaganda activities must cease 48hrs (cooling period) prior to the election.

Accordingly, all propaganda activities related to the Presidential Election 2019 must end by 12 mid-night on Wednesday 13th November.

This includes the display of posters, banners, meetings, post and distribution of leaflets, visits and social media campaigns or anything that can influence voters.

The cooling period is for the general public to make their independent decisions without getting influenced by any propaganda activity.

However, PAFFREL says due to the nature of the social media, there is a dilemma as to how the implementation and enforcement of law and order on Facebook will take effect, especially during the cooling period.

PAFFREL has written to Facebook requesting them to help control and mitigate Facebook related campaigning which could violate election related laws.

“We strongly believe that you will pay your immediate attention and take necessary actions in this regard. We have deployed a separate technical team to coordinate with you on any measure that you would think suitable in order to control and mitigate propaganda activities on Facebook,” PAFFREL said in the letter to Facebook.