Ritzbury steps up to power SLTA Tennis Tens

Ritzbury, in their relentless efforts to empower future sportsmen, will partner with the Sri Lanka Tennis Association (SLTA) to set forth a voyage to help develop the future of the budding tennis players of the nation.

The Junior Tennis Initiative (JTI) program is a project implemented by both the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Sri Lanka Tennis Association (SLTA) in 1998. Since then, the program has produced many skillful tennis players to the local tennis franchise.

The program is conducted under the complete guidance of SLTA via their regional centers islandwide. Currently, the program is conducted in 10 regions and it is expected to expand by 03 more in forthcoming year of 2020. The finals of the regional qualifiers commenced on the 01st of November with the ‘B Division’ matches while the ‘A Division’ matches will commence on the 08th of November at the SLTA premises.

President of the Sri Lanka Tennis Association (SLTA), Iqbal Bin Iaasak, speaking at the outset, “The event this year will feature 1,800 boys and girls. This tournament which is covering the entire area span of the isle with ten regions participating, will also be the largest tennis tournament in the country. We appreciate Ritzbury’s initiative in partnering with the SLTA to further enhance the tennis experience of players and for the support rendered in nurturing the future generation of the sport”.

The event, ‘Cool Tennis Kids Play’ was first held in 2011 with the participation of 400 boys and girls across 60 schools around the country. The event consists of three categories RED (7/Under), ORANGE (8/Under) and GREEN (10/Under).

General Manager of Marketing, CBL Foods International, Nilupul De Silva speaking about the event, “We are extremely glad to have partnered with the SLTA at a moment where the local sports arena is in need of support the most. It is a proud moment for us to help the younger generation to improve their talents and to help discover the grassroot talent in a bid to develop tennis in Sri Lanka. Partnerships from brands are needed to give sports that extended reach it needs, improve standards and create further opportunities to the budding players.”

From the land to the waters, Ritzbury has been a part of both field and aquatic sports. The brand has been empowering squash, swimming, rugby and athletics elevating and setting the stage for the next generation of stars.


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