ACMC fears attempt to buy votes during polls

The All Ceylon Makkal Congress (ACMC) has warned of an attempt to “buy votes” for the 16 November Presidential election.

ACMC leader and Vanni District MP Rishad Bathiudeen said that they have been informed of moves to buy votes, particularly in the Mannar area in an attempt to defeat New Democratic Front Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa.

The ACMC has pledged its support to Premadasa at the forthcoming Presidential election.

“The forthcoming Presidential Election is not a regular Presidential Election but one that will be very decisive for Sri Lanka’s future. The freedom or slavery of Sri Lankan minority communities will be decided based on the outcome of this election,” Bathiudeen said.

He said that Tamil speaking political parties and minority parties are united is their support to Premadas in order to safeguard the minorities against an oppressive tyranny that will enslave them.

“We have been informed that in the coming days organised vote buying will take place in the Mannar area to defeat Sajith Premadasa and us. Some wealthy persons in this area are preparing to hand out cash to buy votes in favour of the opposition candidate. Do not be deceived by a few extra rupees and do not sell your votes but cast your vote,” Bathiudeen said.

Vote buying is illegal and a fraudulent practice in Sri Lanka under section 66.(d) of the Presidential Elections Act No. 15 of 1981.


  1. The Muslims have begun to act on their own politically and have started to support Gotabaya, Insha Allah. “THE MUSLIM VOICE” will do all it is possible within it’s ability to make Gotabaya’s victory a success. “Wait and see” what the Muslims voters will do in the Eastern and Northern provinces too, Insha Allah. Rauf Hakeen has already complained that the Muslims are moving away from the SLMC and this has become a “craze” in the Muslim supported SLMC areas. ACMC Rishad Batiudeen has lost his base in the Wanni and in the East. Amir Ali belongs to this group. Amir Ali calling the Muslims of the East not to vote Gotabaya is lost in the wilderness of Muslim politics. Muslims have already decided to vote Gotabaya, Insha Allah.
    The duped and hoodwinked Muslim voters who were made to “vote” the “Hansaya” have begun to understand the treachery of these Muslim Civil Society Leaders, Community Leaders, and Ulema Sabai Leaders by the action of the “Yahapalana Government” now. They are “disgruntled” and they have begun to show their displeasure and have begun to retaliate against these so-called deceptive, hoodwinking and opportunistic Muslim Politicians, Muslim Political parties and their leaders, Muslim Civil Society Leaders, Community Leaders and Ulema Sabai Leaders to safeguard their legitimate “Muslim Rights” and work towards “National Reconciliation”. They are no more willing to be duped by the press releases and media dramas staged by these stooges of the “Yahapalana Government” anymore. The Muslim Youth and the young professionals of the community have begun to use “SOCIAL MEDIA” to challenge these scroundels. In the next elections, surely the Muslims are contemplating to vote the “Joint Opposition” to power. THEY WILL VOTE GOTABAYA RAJAPAKSA TO BECOME THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF SRI LANKA BECAUSE THEY CAN TRUST HIM TO ERADICATE THE SOCIAL AND ECONOMICAL DISPARITY, TOO, Insha Allah.
    Noor Nizam, Peace and Political Activist, Political Communications Researcher, SLFP/SLPP Stalwart and Convener – “The Muslim Voice”.

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