Sajith Premadasa vows to appoint new PM if elected President

New Democratic Front Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa said that a new Prime Minister would be appointed if he is elected President.

Premadasa said that if he is elected President, Parliament would decide on a Prime Minister who commands the majority of the House.

He also assured that he would not appoint Ministers who were tainted with corruption.

Premadasa said he would bring an end to the power-hungry political culture in Sri Lanka.


  1. Dear Mr Sajith Premadasa, Anyone can give a fancy speech, but people need the leaders who can accomplish tasks. As an MP you could have accomplished lots of things. You don’t have to be the President.

    I have listened your speech. My question is as an MP what have you done to address those promises you have mentioned in your speech. How can we trust your promises? You have remained silent as an MP and guilty of complicity.

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