Death sentence imposed on Julampitiye Amare

The Tangalle High Court today imposed the death sentence on ‘Julampitiye Amare’ over the Katuwana shooting incident in 2012.

Julampitiye Amare was found guilty over the murder and was sentenced to death today.

Gigana Gamage Amarasiri alias Julampitiye Amare was the main accused in the shooting incident on a JVP meeting in which two people were killed.

Amare has been accused of murders, raping women and extortion in various parts of the Hambantota District.

He was also the leader of the coup that took place in the Tangalle Prison in July 2002 during the then UNF Government.

Amare’s alleged involvement in 22 murders, 11 rape incidents and 13 extortion cases marked his ascension as the most feared under world figure in the Hambantota area.


  1. Quick; Quick ! Register this poor innocent man as a Buddhist priest or Army serviceman, and the President can pardon him.

    And, what a harsh judiciary; sentencing a poor humble innocent man only suspected of committing twelve (12) murders to death. Where has all the compassion in this world disappeared to ?


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