Monk ends fast following assurances from PM, Sajith

The Venerable Ududumbara Kashyapa Thera ended his fast unto death campaign after receiving assurances from Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa that the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) agreement would not be signed before the 16 November elections.

A letter from Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has stated that the MCC agreement would not be signed before the Presidential election and would be signed only after getting the consent of the relevant parties and debating the agreement in Parliament.

Ven. Kashayapa Thero began a fast unto death last morning (5) demanding that the government cease from signing the agreement before the election.

Ven. Kashyapa Thera had also received letters from the presidential candidates Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Sajith Premadasa assuring that such agreements will not be inked in a hurry before November 16th.

The MCC Board is to meet on December 9 to decide on the developments in Sri Lanka with regards to the grant.


  1. A shows how a pricpled independent religious leader intervened to solve a national issue. We had never heared even the name of this venerable buddhist Bhikku because he has not alienated himself with any social, cultural or political group. Quite rightly he has refused to accept the assurances of presidential candidates accepted only that of the Prime Minister.

    • “A shows how a pricpled independent religious leader intervened to solve a national issue.”
      Let me try and make you understand a couple of things that contradicts with the ‘Dhamma Vinaya’, if you know what that is.
      1. “independent religious leader” : The only leader a Buddhist ever had was the ‘Enlightened One’, the rest were followers of his teachings. Again, Buddhism is not a ‘Religion’.
      2. “solve a national issue ” : National issues are for the laymen (with Bhava Thanha) and their rulers to find answers themselves. It is not appropriate according to ‘Dhamma Vinaya’ for the ‘Bikkhu Ganya’ to intervene. Even the ‘Enlightened One’, with all his powers, gave up trying to save his own clan once and had to give in. He never tried it again. You got a lot more to learn and I sincerely hope will find the true teachings of the ‘Buddha’. Metta.

  2. The ‘Enlightened One’, ‘Siddhartha Gothama’ did it for six years. Why did PM & Sajith get involved in this thugs fake fast. You both should have let him fast till the 17th afternoon at least.

  3. I am sorry you are trying to narrow this National Issue into a discussion of Buddhism. I never professed to be an expert in Buddhism.
    1.We have a lot of religious leaders in this country and I knew this Ven. Bhikku as the Chief Prelate of Bhavana Madyasthanaya Colombo and several monastries in outstations because a youth in our village entered into Bhikkuhood. So I considered Ven Kashapa Thero as a religious leader. According to what I have read Buddhism is both a religion and a philosophy even though you appear to disagree.
    2. Religous leaders have intervened to settle national disputes even in the past in our country. On this occasion too the action of Ven Bhikku was acknowledged by the Hon. Prime Minister who promptly resolved the issue without causing a controvesy.
    My comments did not even remotely referred Buddhism so I cannot fathom as to why you have gone further to quote Thripitaka which is not relevant here.


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