Monk begins fast unto death against MCC deal

A monk launched a fast unto death protest in Colombo today against the proposed Millennium Challenge Cooperation (MCC) agreement.

The Venerable Ududumbara Kashyapa thero commenced the  fast-unto-death campaign at Independence Square Colombo against the US MCC agreement with Sri Lanka.


  1. Good! ****** ! And, people really need to be more discerning, and cease venerating every saffron clad thug as some sort of divine being.

  2. Please do not take this as an insult but a reminder from a ‘Sathpurisha Layman’.
    You are no different to ‘Panikkiyage Modawansa or Rathuraliyay Athana’.
    Remember this Banthe?,
    “Sabba Dukkha Nissarana nibbana sachchikaranthaya iman kasawan gahethwa pabbajetha man bhanthe anukampan upadaya”


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