CAA conducts raids as gas shortage continues

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) is to file legal action against 40 traders who had sold LPG Gas Cylinders at higher prices.

According to Finance Ministry statement, the CAA has carried out raids on 40 traders who had either hidden stocks of gas or sold gas at higher prices.

The statement said that the CAA had carried out raids as a precaution due to the prevailing gas shortage.

Additionally, the Finance Ministry stated emergency measures had been taken to promptly resolve the gas shortage.

The Ministry of Finance has taken steps to purchase 12,000 metric tons of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) as a remedy to the prevailing gas shortage.

According to a Finance Ministry statement, a ship carrying 3600 MTs of LPG had arrived in Colombo on Saturday (2) while another ship transporting 3600 MTs of LPG is due to reach Colombo on Tuesday (5).

“The emergency purchases will resolve the gas shortage. A shipment of 6,000 MT of gas, purchased under the usual procurement process as well as under the emergency procurement process, will also reach Colombo during the coming week,” the Finance ministry said in its statement.

The emergency purchase was done by state-run Litro Gas PLC.


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