Sajith writes to Gota renewing call for live debate

New Democratic Front Presidential candidate, Sajith Premadasa, has written to Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Presidential candidate, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, renewing his challenge for a live public debate.

In his letter to Rajapaksa, Premadasa points out that it was the democratic right of the citizens to be well informed about their choice of Presidential candidates.

“In modern democracies around the world, presidential candidates fearlessly debate their policies at impartially moderated debates. Today such events are broadcast live on television and social media. There is no better opportunity for people to weigh candidates’ abilities, character and vision,” Premadasa said in his letter.

Premadasa notes that he had issued the challenge initially last Wednesday (13) but had not received any response from Rajapaksa.

“On Wednesday I invited you to take up the challenge of facing the nation at such a debate. Unfortunate I’m yet to receive a response from your campaign. Some of your advisors have alluded to the absence of a formal written letter, even in this age of technology and digital communication. Therefore, I take this opportunity, through this letter, to extend to you such a formal invitation,” Premadasa said.


  1. Again Sajith is asking Gota to come for a debate so they can twist Gota’s statements by their useless journalists who have no idea who is responsible for the defense forces according to the Sri Lankan constitution. Sri Lankan media is a curse for the country not a blessing. I am well aware of their knowledge and integrity. They never wrote a sentence about my struggles as a writer in the West. This is the reason I always believe that South Asians’ hearts and minds are darker than their skin colour.

    I believe that calling for a debate is a trap. Gota must be very careful. Instead of dealing with uneducated and uninformed journalists, Gota should invited young people from every district who done well in GCE and university exams and answer to those young people’s questions. You can telecast the show alive or record the programme and post it on YouTube for people to watch. What is the point in answering to the UNP leaders and their puppets who won’t vote for Gota. The SLPP needs to convince the people not Sajith and his puppets.


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