ITAK decides to back Premadasa

The Illangai Thamil Arasu Katchi (ITAK) has decided to back Sajith Premadasa at the Presidential election.

The decision was taken when ITAK members met today.

ITAK is the main partner in the Tamil National Alliance.

The TNA as an alliance has not yet decided who it will support.

ITAK feels Premadasa has taken into concideration some of the proposals made by ITAK in his election manifesto.


  1. I have read the Sajith Premadasa’s election manifesto and the TNA’s 13 demands. We all know that Gotabaya and Sajith have rejected the TNA’s demands. However, Tamil media has been publishing stories that Sajith’s election manifesto indirectly addressing the TNA’s demands. This is the most misleading and twisted stories I have seen this year. The media also has been bragging about Sajith’s education in the UK. Tamil politicians and Tamil media is all about being foreign powers’ propaganda machine and they have no respect for the truth or knowledge. This is the reason Tamils have nothing after fighting the Asia’s longest brutal civil war for more than three decades.


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