Sivajilingam wants debate with Sajith and Gota on Tamil issues

Presidential candidate M.K Sivajilingham has challenged the two main presidential candidates, Sajith Premadasa and Gotabaya Rajapaksa to a debate over issues faced by Tamils.

Speaking to reporters in Kalmunai today Sivajilingham said that both candidates have not considered the 13 point demands put forward by five Tamil political parties.

He said that very little has been done in the past to address issues faced by Tamil speaking people in the country.

Sivajilingham said that there cannot be a solution for the Tamils without merging the North and East.

He accused the Tamil National Alliance of supporting Premadasa even though Premadasa is not showing interest in Tamil issues.

Sivajilingham said that the TNA must accept the fact that the United National Party failed to address Tamil issues over the past four years.

Premadasa has challenged Rajapaksa for a live debate and now Sivajilingham says he is prepared to face both of them at any location to debate issues faced by Tamils.

He says he is prepared to face the debate in the Sinhalese language. (Colombo Gazette)

Report and pic by Farook Shihan in Kalmunai


  1. This man doesn’t know how to communicate professionally. I met him at Jaffna library and tried to have a conversation with him. After hearing few words from him I stopped talking and walked away from him, because I didn’t want to waste my time. Look at the picture, how many microphones are there to hear from him? What’s his qualification and experience in international politics? People like us who spent most of our times in libraries, have higher education, lived in four continents and travelled to more than 25 countries don’t have no recognition. This is why I say South Asians’ hearts and minds are darker than their skin colour. Currently, I am supporting Gota and giving ideas to win the election. But I don’t expect anything from the Rajapaksas. I am sharing my knowledge because I was born in Sri Lanka. I have no intention to return to Sri Lanka permanently. I have better things to do in the world than putting up with small minds in Sri Lanka and South Asia. In fact, I am not a fan of Asia anymore since my last trip to China. I believe that Asia can remain the world factory for manufacturing goods, but it will never lead the world.

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