Sri Lanka and China to further elevate cultural relations

Sri Lanka and China have agreed to strive to promote cultural exchanges between Buddhists in both countries.

The Agreement for the Establishment of a Friendly Temples Relationship between the Shentong Temple of Shangdong Province of China and the Bodhi Raja Viharaya of Thalpitiya, Wadduwa in Sri Lanka was signed in Shandong between Ven. Jie Kong, Abbot of Shentong Temple and Ven. Prof. Kotapitiye Rahula Thero, Anunayake of the Kotte Sri Kalyani Samagri Maha Sanga Sabha and Chief Incumbent of the Bodhi Raja Viharaya, with the participation of a number of Venerable Chief Incumbent Theros of temples in Wadduwa and Panadura areas, the Embassy of Sri Lanka in Beijing said today.

Both temples agreed to actively promote cooperation between the two temples and work together to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of dhamma propagation, cultural exchanges, and social charity.

Further they agreed to strive to build a long-term effective communication and cooperation mechanism and promote cultural exchanges between Buddhists in China and Sri Lanka.

Gracing the ceremony, Ambassador of Sri Lanka to China Karunasena Kodituwakku appreciated the attempts of both temples in setting up such friendly relations to enhance cultural exchanges and people-to-people cooperation between two countries.

Recalling the long history of Buddhist relations and exchanges between two countries he further highlighted the importance of all types of cooperation among people and assured the Embassy’s continued support to such cooperation which will benefit both countries.

The Embassy of Sri Lanka has initiated a number of cultural cooperation between Sri Lanka and China and similar MoU also was signed between Jishan region which is considered as the birth place of Rev. Faxian who visited Sri Lanka during the 5th Century to learn Buddhism and Monaragala District in Sri Lanka last year.

Further, in year 2017, a 60-acre Jujube garden also was opened in Ven. Faxian’s home town named “China-Sri Lanka Friendship Jishan Jujube Orchard” with the participation of the Ambassador of Sri Lanka to commemorate the cordial Buddhist relations between two countries.


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