Polls chief says some candidates promoting others

The National Elections Commission says some candidates contesting the Presidential election are promoting other candidates.

National Elections Commission Chairman Mahinda Deshapriya said that at least 7-8 of the 35 candidates are promoting others while there are others indirectly backing other candidates at the 16 November election.

Deshapriya said this while addressing the media at a special media conference today.

The Presidential election this year is seeing the highest number of candidates contesting resulting in a high cost being incurred by the authorities to hold the election.

Deshapriya said that cardboard boxes will be used for the election instead of plastic boxes to cut costs.

He displayed some of the boxes and said that they will be protected from harm in the event there is rain.

The National Elections Commission Chairman also dismissed fears that the cardboard boxes could be opened to stuff ballot papers.

He also said that there had been reports of state employees using their postal votes and taking pictures and publishing on Facebook.

Deshapriya said that legal action will be taken against those people under election laws.