Nigerian Army in Sri Lanka to study Special Forces training modules

A six-member high-level delegation of the Nigerian Army, anxious to learn more about comprehensive training modules of the Special Forces (SF) of the Sri Lanka Army is currently in Sri Lanka on a five-day long visit, the Army media unit said today.

The delegation, led by Major General G Oyefesobi, Director Administration, Nigerian Army includes Brigadier General G.K Nwosu, Brigadier General C.A.A Apere, Colonel T.P Opurum, Lieutenant Colonel S.S Muhammed and Commodore E.O Ferreira, Defence Adviser to the Nigerian High Commission.

Prior to their visit to the Special Forces Training School (SFTS) at Maduru Oya, the delegation called on the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva at the Army Headquarters and shared views on their objectives and motives behind planning an expedition to Sri Lanka particularly, impressed with the skills of Special Forces.

The delegation during the cordial meet with the Commander of the Army expressed their happiness over SF skills, jungle warfare expertise, their exceptional achievements and contribution to the fight against LTTE terrorism several years ago in a convincing manner.

Lieutenant General Silva explained them the Sri Lanka Army’s possibilities for further enhancement of training openings for Nigerian Army personnel, so that Nigerian soldiers could also share experiences with their Sri Lankan counterparts who had gained recognition after humanitarian operations, in which SF soldiers too fought against the world’s most ruthless terrorists.

The visiting Nigerian delegation, curious to know more about the exceptional jungle warfare techniques and skills of the SF further told the Commander of the Army that they are seriously considering to send more troops to Sri Lanka for SF training in future. It was also noted that two more Nigerian Officers are already under training in Sri Lanka following, the Junior Command Course and the SF training in Maduru Oya.

Towards the culmination of the brief meet, both Lieutenant General Silva and Major General G Oyefesobi exchanged mementos of goodwill and understanding. Major General T.S Bansajaya, Director General Training was also associated with day’s interactive meeting.

During their stay in Sri Lanka, the delegation at Maduru Oya SFTS will watch mock urban terrain operations, combat rider firing skills, close quarter combat training sessions, drill and combat shooting demonstrations, ongoing squadron training modules, camouflage and concealment demonstrations, and presentations, submitted by the Officers at the SFTS before they move out for sight-seeing.

The SFTS in coordination with the Army Training School at Maduru Oya has facilitated their stay in Maduru Oya.