Atlas celebrates 60th Anniversary and Teacher’s Day with Guru Garu programme for teachers

Atlas recently conducted the “Guru Garu” outreach programme for teachers. The programme is one of many initiatives that Atlas Axillia Co. is engaging in as the company celebrates its 60th Anniversary and reached out to 60 schools. The Guru Garu programme set out to strengthen teachers by providing them with a platform for knowledge sharing and an opportunity for them to engage with new knowledge and ideas, which will empower them as they shape Sri Lanka’s future leaders.

The Guru Garu outreach programme for teachers was conducted on the 9th of October 2019 in collaboration with the Piliyanda Zonal Department, which comes under the Western Province Department of Education. The event, which was intended to coincide with Teachers Day, saw the participation of 250 teachers from 60 schools in the Western Province and featured panel discussions and talks conducted by reputed personalities in the teaching profession. The aim of the event was to provide teachers with an opportunity for knowledge sharing, skills development and new perspectives on how they can help to better shape the future leaders of tomorrow.

Speaking about the event, Asitha Samaraweera, Managing Director at Atlas Axillia Co. said, “As Sri Lanka’s largest and most respected manufacturer and supplier of high quality, affordable stationary and back to school products, we are in a unique position to help shape the future leaders of tomorrow. Thus, as we celebrate 60 years of excellence, we are reaffirming our commitment to supporting the learning journeys of our future leaders. Teachers are in a position to inspire a passion for learning in kids by making learning fun and through Guru Garu, we are empowering them with the skills and ideas they need to do so. If we are to create a future generation of capable leaders and responsible citizens, we need to inspire our teachers to create the right environment in the classroom.”

Mr. Samaraweera went on to add, “Our efforts towards the empowerment and education of teachers has been on-going for over the years and in that time we have reached 25,000 teachers and potentially touched the lives of millions of children. We are proud to be able to directly contribute towards the positive transformation of the education system in Sri Lanka and to be able to help create a well-rounded set of new leaders for tomorrow.”

The Guru Garu programme was held at the Golden Rose Hotel in Boralesgamuwa. Popular National trainer and Psycho Therapist, AmaDissanayake gave a talk on the “Role of Teachers in Shaping the Minds of Future Leaders, while BandulaSarath – Deputy Educational Director of the Western Province Department of Education spoke about the “Role of Teachers in Shaping the Values of Future Leaders”.

A panel discussion was also held on the “Role of Teachers in Shaping a Balanced Child for the Future”. The panellists included UpaliGunesekara – Former Principle of Royal College, Jayantha Wickramanayake – Education Publication Commissioner from the Ministry of Education, UpuliGunesekara – Zonal Director for Education in Piliyandala and Inspector of Police, Manoj Samarasekara – OIC Colombo Women and Children’s Bureau.

Atlas Axillia Co. (Private) Limited, formerly known as Ceylon Pencil Company (Private) Limited, was founded in 1959 and has since grown to become Sri Lanka’s market leader in school stationary manufacturing. Fuelled by a passion for providing school children with essential tools for success, “Atlas” has created a strong connection with Sri Lankan consumers, being voted Sri Lanka’s most loved brand in 2017 and winning the prestigious National Quality Award in 2018.