AGs from 53 countries to meet in Colombo next week

The biennial Commonwealth Law Ministers’ Meeting (CLMM) will be taking place in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 4 to 7 November on the theme ‘Equal access to justice and the rule of law’.

Law Ministers and Attorneys-General from 53 countries will gather to discuss how to tackle barriers to access to justice, such as costs and poverty, distrust of the justice system, and corruption. the Commonwealth Secretariat said.

Some 1.4 billion people are left with unmet civil and administrative justice needs, with the poorest and most marginalised people suffering most. The consequences of these issues, if not addressed, can be severe.

Commonwealth law ministers will discuss potential solutions that look beyond dispute resolution, to equality of outcomes. These include developments in technology, citizen-focused approaches and specialised justice delivery.

The Commonwealth also helps countries tackle these issues through technical assistance, legal tools and specialised networks.


  1. Excellent, this country needs more of this kind to get the ‘(Un) Justice System’ completely overhauled for good. All of you are welcome stay at the ‘People Owned’ Shangri-La until the end of the presidential elections. This place was the SLA HQ, so you will be safe there.


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