Stax employee presents cutting edge research at IEEE conference in Japan.

Lamana, a Data Analytics Consultant from Stax, Colombo, recently participated and presented at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Serious Games and Applications for Health (SeGAH) conference in Japan, taking place at the Ritsumeikan Center for Games Studies, Kyoto in August 2019.

IEEE SeGAH 2019 featured a symposium of researchers, academics, investors and industry experts who collectively work on healthcare solutions, which are especially related to using games for various healthcare applications including diagnosis, patient wellbeing, hospital management and more.

Lamana’s work included the design of biofeedback games which function by tracking physiological signals such as breathing and heart rate, in order to understand levels of player engagement. With the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) via applications of Machine Learning tools, the patterns in these physiological signals were further understood, to predict how actively engaged players were while playing the game.

Lamana’s experience in AI, along with the AI and analytical capabilities of the rest of the Data Analytics team, stands as a testament to Stax’s commitments to providing AI-driven solutions to clients across multiple industries. The Stax Data Analytics team primarily focuses on connecting multiple data sources, both internal and external, which are otherwise looked at in isolation, to provide a unique 360-degree analysis, resulting in comprehensive and actionable insights.

Through the development of actionable insights, Stax is able to help clients understand their customers better, identify most valuable customers and provide ways to increase top-customer bases; thereby improving top-line revenue generation. Stax can also assist in devising process optimization strategies, thereby reducing operational costs, to improve bottom-line profit generation.

Some of Stax’s key capabilities include Supply Chain Optimization, Planning and Forecasting, Customer Segmentation and Customer Churn and Retention Analysis. Potential clients who are looking to derive comprehensive, actionable insights from their data are encouraged to get in touch with Stax through – to schedule an introductory discussion.


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