Pardon being considered for Royal Park murder convict

A Presidential pardon is being considered for Royal Park murder convict Jude Shramantha Anthony Jayamaha.

Speaking at the National Youth Model United Nations conference held in Colombo yesterday, the President said that he had received a request for a Presidential pardon for Jude Shramantha Jayamaha.

Sharmantha Jayamaha was sentenced to death in the 2005 murder of Swedish national Yvonne Johnson at the Royal Park condominium.

President Sirisena said that Jayamaha was jailed when he was 19 years old and that he committed the murder after he lost his patience over an argument with the victim.

Sirisena said that Jayamaha has now rehabilitated and has also completed a PhD while in prison.

Jayamaha was given the death sentence in 2012 by the Court of Appeal after it revoked an earlier order in the 2005 murder of Swedish national Yvonne Johnson at the Royal Park condominium.

In June 2014 the Supreme Court upheld the death sentence on the convict.

The order in 2012 was issued following an application filed by the Attorney General’s department against the earlier verdict which was a 12 year prison sentence for the suspect given by the High Court in 2006.

A student of the Colombo International School, 19 year old Yvonne Johnson was found brutally raped and murdered at the Royal Park Condominium in the wee hours of 30th June 2005, the local media reported at the time.

Police found the body of the victim on the 19th floor of the building, with her clothes ripped off and her possessions strewn around.

Speaking to the media following the 2006 court ruling the family members of the victim had said they will never return to Sri Lanka as they were shocked by the verdict. The victim is the daughter of Swiss national, Roger Johnson and Sri Lankan born Chamalika.

“We will appeal once again. We will fight till justice is achieved,” an angry Roger Johnsson, the father of  Yvonne, was quoted in the media as saying after the 2006 court order.

In the 2006 ruling the accused was convicted of culpable homicide not amounting to murder. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. A brutal killer was pardoned. who will bring the justice for innocent girl who paid her life for this kind of a beast.

  2. Judicial systems and laws are there to put these kind of criminals behind bars . No amount of remorse or reformation would add up to the evil he has done. Why does he deserve to live after murdering someone in the most gruesome way? Its a mistake in the first place to keep this kind of diabolic murderers in a state funded prison. Is he the only person who has reformed after being imprisoned? If the maniac is pardoned and comes out of the prison, it would be the biggest injustice authorities could do to the victims family. How could we believe in a justice system that pardons a criminal based on his good conduct in the prison and forget about the reason why he has been condemned?

  3. The president/government is sending a clear message to our expats and others:


  4. Killing at the spur of the moment is still murder. The victim will never come back to life and her family will miss her forever because of a spoilt rich kid who had a history of alcohol, drugs and violence.

  5. Killing at the spur of the moment. Not planned or had any intention to kill. Only provocation made it happen and the Victim lost her life and the accused given maximum punishment – Death by Hanging. This word alone is enough for the accuse to languish in the Death row and suffer the Gate all these Years. This punishment alone is enough to suffer his fate. But with courage and determination he has made his mark in rehabilitation and a Doctorate. I Pray President make the correct decision by Granting a release.

    • Killing at the spur of the moment is still murder. The victim will never come back to life and her family will miss her forever because of a spoilt rick kid who had a history of violence.

    • Answer me this Mr. Moraes,

      He killed a 19 year old girl — and it was not a spur of the moment thing. He waited for her, raped and then killed her. He bashed her head in on a cement floor. Her skull was fractured in 64 pieces. What if this happened to someone in your family? Would you want them released because they got a PhD?

    • Just reading your response, I feel like you are as “insanely, obstinate, don’t give any remorse” type of …… should I say ‘human’? There must be something triggering the back of your mind that this was a good decision for him to be released? Even after all the most evil actions were revealed.

      Hell, my fight is not with you, it’s the corrupt system that let’s someone released with the idea that he has been rehabilitated. And you support that…. aren’t these words enough to put through your thick, dense, uncrackable skull — “she was raped, her face smashed onto a cement floor, clothes ripped, the convict WAITED for her…..”?

      Seriously re-look at your life and humanity Marian…

  6. Having a Sri Lankan mother, but growing up in Europe, it infuriates me to see the rich getting richer by taking bribes for everything. Just pay someone enough and they will do anything, even pardon a monster that has never shown any remorse (so how is he a changed man?). May he pick up his soap in the prison showers….

    • Since when did a doctorate become equivalent to complete rehabilitation?
      Provocation or lack of patience, nothing justifies a murder and rape than involves a skull being smashed into 64 pieces.
      And my dear Sirisena, I don’t understand why you are so adamant on executing capital punishment and putting an end to drugs, whilst also attempting to pardon this awful man.
      My heart goes out to the Jonsson family. Years into it and they still fight for justice.

  7. He will not be pardoned. Even Death isn’t enough punishment for what he did. His punishment will continue long after he is dead. The living should not pardon him and the dead should not receive him – he deserves nothing because that is what he has left the Johnssons with: nothing. Protect the other innocent people of your country and the world and don’t let this monster out of prison to rape and kill more innocent people. I don’t give a damn if he has “reformed” reform and a PhD doesn’t make him any less of a murderer and does not bring back Yvonne or her beautiful face – a face and skull that he smashed into 64 pieces. Only a true monster can do something like that.

  8. The President Should be Taken Out and Shot. The same guys who condemned Civil society for protesting against the introduction of death penalty. Now he is selectively using the death penalty. No doubt the Jayamaha family who are business family must have given the president money. 100 % sure.

    • Looks like it is PERSONAL for you… I am a parent of a grown daughter who has also lived in the ‘West’. These ‘westerners’ are common who come here and lure our good youth for their CASH! These are WESTERN TRASH!

  9. This is a brutal murder. Disgrace to the family of the girl. Does it mean that if any convicted murderer gets a degree whilst in prison, he should get a Presidential Pardon. Typical third world.

    • I read that it was a premeditated murder.
      It has been 14 years, Had he atleast apologized to the victims family?

    • You say you are ‘A journalist’??? You are either a LTTE or foreign agent!!! How do I know, simple, you say ‘Typical Third World’. ‘Third world’ means NON ALIGNED has NOTHING to do with governance or wealth!Therefore, your intention is to DISCREDIT Sri Lanka (subversively)!

      Note to ‘’ moderator: You are hereby requested to publish this comment. If not my opinion of you will also be ‘adverse’. Thank you.

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