‘Manudam Viyamana’ from Sunlight to strengthen bonds of humanity inSri Lanka

‘Manudam Viyamana’ is a nationwide initiative to strengthen bonds among the diverse communities in the country, and is launched by Sunlight, one of Sri Lanka’s oldest and most loved brands.

‘Manudam Viyamana’ will call Sri Lankans to symbolically ‘Open Hearts – Open Homes’to illustrate the need to build trust, understanding and care for one another.

Sharmila Bandara, Marketing Director – Home Care, Food and Refreshments, noting the reasons Sunlight initiated this campaign said,“Sri Lankans are known to be caring and hospitable people in the world. Yet, a 30 year long internal conflict took its toll on us. Just as we were rising above it,on April 21st this year, terror attacks shook the nation. These incidents over the years not only took the lives of our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, children and friends,but they also tore the fabric of trust between the communities living in harmony in our beautiful country.Social research suggests that inter racial disharmony is an important area of concern in Sri Lanka, particularly after the events of April 21st this year.Stemming from this incident, as a nation we have created reservations in our hearts towards each other,and our legendary hospitality is being tested as homes closed its doors to diverse communities and Sri Lanka closed her doors to unity. With a brand purpose to ‘strengthen bonds with care’, and a 135-year-old heritage of trust in the country, Sunlight recognizes the importance and the need to reweave the threads of trust in Sri Lanka.”

Post the April 21st terror attacks this year, the brand has been working with various religious and civil organizations to help survivors of these attacks. But the need to help the wider 21 million population of the country, who were emotionally and socially affected by the shocking events of Easter Sunday, became a priority in the months that followed and it led to the birth of Sunlight’s ‘Manudam Viyamana’ initiative. It will see several initiatives including a national awareness drive on the importance of building strong bonds with each other as Sri Lankans, an island wide pledge collection that will resonate the people’s mandate to strengthen bondsand will be presented to the leaders of the country, and a ‘Manudam Viyamana’ anthem by a diverse group of Sri Lankan artists who will join hands with Sunlight to spread messages of trust, understanding and care in the country.

Shamara Silva, Marketing Manager – Home Care said, “Sunlight is closely knit in the lives of Sri Lankans and has for decades helped strengthen the social fabric of our country. We are truly moved by the people and organizations that have come forward to support our efforts. For the first time in history, all major electronic media organizations will join hands with Sunlight to take “Manudam Viyamana” to all parts of Sri Lanka, creating awareness and capturing the voice of a nation that believes in the importance of strengthening our bonds as a country. Religious leaders, artists and respected public figures have also joined this cause. We are particularly moved by the survivors of the April 21st attacks that have come forward to give powerful messages on the need to have trust, understanding and care for one another. Amidst their deep personal loss, their compassion, understanding and love for our country and her people is extraordinary and they are beacons of hope to us all.”

All Sri Lankans can join the “Manudam Viyamana” effort by pledging to open their hearts and homes and strengthen bonds via a missed call to 0777388888 on any mobile network.

Introduced in Sri Lanka 135 years ago,Sunlight is a leading household brand in the country that understands local values and heritage. It has won the trust of Sri Lankans for over a century and is the leading laundry brand in Sri Lankan homes.

Sunlight recognizes the importance of strengthening bonds with care, be it in fabrics or human hearts, and havefor years taken this message forward across the nation.