Rohan Pallewatta claims he can resolve Geneva issue

Presidential candidate Rohan Pallewatta claims he can resolve the issue on Sri Lanka in Geneva.

Speaking at an election rally in Colombo today, Pallewatta said that he has managed to secure the support of the Tamil diaspora.

He said that he had visited the UK recently to attend an event organised by the diaspora.

Pallewatta said that he had initially refused to speak at the event as the ‘Eelam flag’ had been flown at the event.

However Pallewatta says the organisers had removed the flag just to let him speak.

Pallewatta says he realised that the hearts and minds of the diaspora can be changed and he is confident he can convince the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to take Sri Lanka off the agenda.

The Presidential candidate also said that he has an economic plan for Sri Lanka to address the debt crisis.

Pallewatta also called on other alternative Presidential candidates, including former Army Commander Mahesh Senanayake to unite instead of contesting as separate candidates. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. Rohan Pallewatta is talking sense and perhaps he can lead us to the light at the end of the tunnel
    Unity among the people is the need of the hour. Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism or any other
    faith can not singularly develop this country and all faiths, especially Buddhist have to wake up to face reality
    The minorities of this country also have their ancestry going back to hundreds of years similar to the Sinhalese. The Majority must treat the minorities with respect and the collective aim of all Sri Lankans is to build the future for our generation to live in peace and harmony.

  2. Rohan is day dreaming. Diaspora is a puppet of the West. Since when diaspora became puppets of Rohan? The West gave education, jobs and citizenship to diaspora, what Rohan can give to diaspora :—)))

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