At UNP rally Sajith promises National Security role for Sarath Fonseka

United National Front Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa today said that Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka will be given the highest role on National Security in a future Government.

Premadasa praised the role played by Fonseka during the war against the LTTE.

He said that Fonseka will need to ensure terrorism does not raise its head once again.

Premadasa also said that Fonseka will need to curb the drug menace in the country and promised maximum punishment to the guilty.

He said that the former Government showed appreciation to the role played by Fonseka by putting him behind bars.

However Premadasa said that in a United National Front Government only the judiciary will decide who goes behind bars.

Premadasa was speaking in front of thousands of United National Party supporters who gathered at Galle Face for the first election rally of the United National Front today.

Speaking at the rally Fonseka thanked Premadasa for placing trust on him and assured the public that he will not let them down.

At the rally Premadasa explained his policies for a new Government.

He said that the United National Front will look to build a new Sri Lanka and ensure the country stands out among other countries in the world.


  1. Sajith P just conceded victory to GR, well b4 the presidential election on 16 Nov 2019!

    Sajith did a rash thing by promising, in public, the defense portfolio to an individual who could not garner 30k votes (28,587-0.26% of the national poll) in the 2015 national election. To put it in perspective; the rejected/spoilt votes are 517, 123 in number. A whopping eighteen-fold more than SF’s entire national vote collection. If we gave a face rather named the Rejected Votes as “Ignorant Party (IP)”, then it is the third major political force in SL!

    Sajith was, I surmise, was honest to himself: going by his warped logic; if ur tall, you will get a security job, if ur short you will get labor job. Since Sajith P is short he cannot handle national security, we know SF is tall, because of high school swimming, he gets the security/defense. It cannot get more farcical than this “Alice in Wonderland” nation!

    The best is yet to come, I figure. Let’s stay tuned. Do not touch the dial!

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