Army Chief to take policy decisions to raise quality of military

Army Commander Lieutenant General Shavendra Silva says he intends to take policy decisions with a view to raising the qualitative aspect of the Army.

Speaking at the 70th Army Anniversary celebrations at Galle Face today, Shavendra Silva said that by making the soldier a full-fledged one through training and improvement of skills and knowledge, any unexpected threat as a country could be effectively countered.

“Moreover, my special attention has been focused on the promotion of the Army’s forward-march by taking necessary policy decisions with a view to raising the qualitative aspect of the Army. On the other hand, improvement of welfare facilities as well as provision of all needs for effective performance of duties would help everyone to perform their roles with contentment, as I believe,” he said.

The Commander said that he has proposed seven concepts that could contribute to realization and empowerment of those objectives. Namely, National Security, Contribution to Nation-Building and Reconciliation, Enhancement of skills and educative programmes of Army personnel, Promotion of professional conduct of all ranks, Provision of vocational training for potential retirees during pre-retirement period, Enhancement of Welfare facilities for Officers and Other Ranks, and Modernization of the Army to meet with current challenges are among those concepts.

“I believe the guidance, leadership and incentives, being given based on those concepts would contribute to work as a team to produce effective results. The pioneering service rendered by Army personnel at the expense of their lives without any hesitation has contributed largely to the prevailing sustainable peace and reconciliation in the country,” he said.

He also said that the Army has immensely assisted to restore normalcy in the event of national disasters, emergencies and natural catastrophes, etc. Similarly, he said the Army at present is spearheading a pioneering role in the sphere of national development in the country.