ACJU denies circulating message warning Muslims

The All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama (ACJU) has denied claims it issued a warning message to Muslims in Sri Lanka.

A statement by the ACJU said that a false message has been circulated saying it is a “safety alert for Muslims” claiming that it is from the ACJU.

The ACJU requested the public not to believe in such unverified messages or circulate them.

“All official messages of ACJU will be released under the ACJU letter head with its official seal and shall be published in the website of ACJU –,” ACJU said in a statement.

ACJU requested the Muslim community to refrain from spreading false messages. (Colombo Gazette)


  1. HYPOCRACY HAS BECOME THE RULE OF LAW FOR MUSLIM LEADERS AND POLITICIANS. They will turn and twist their boneless tongue to tell anything that is finally benificial to them.
    The Muslims have begun to act on their own politically and have started to support Gotabaya, Insha Allah.
    The Muslim Youth and the young professionals of the community have begun to use “SOCIAL MEDIA” to challenge these scroundels. In this Presidential elections, surely the Muslims are contemplating to vote the SLPP/SLFP Presidentail candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa to power. When Gotabaya Rajapaksa wins the Presidential Elections, Gotabaya should not fail to set in motion a Probe/Presidentaila Commission to probe the All Ceylon Jamiyathul Ulema of their ill earnings, especially to find out what happened to the a large block of land in Colombo 12 from former President Mahinda Rajapaksa when they were politically flirting with the UPFA/SLFP government and no one knows what happened to this block of state land that the ACJU got from Mahinda. Mahinda was a good man who gave them that land to build their headquaters, but they stabbed him in the back in 2015. Fingers are also pointed at the ACJU regarding their “Halal Certificate” earnings and the way it is now being manipulated under a so-called “Non-Profit Company”, and reveal the assets of Mufti Rizvi and his high-profile life style and maintenance of expensive luxury vehicles, being a ordinary “MOULAVI/Mufthi”. Some Muslim deceptive opportunistic politicians who have now joined the SLPP/Gotabaya STAGE will do their best to safeguard The ACJU, but Mahinda/Gotabaya and Basil team should not give in, Insha Allah.
    Noor Nizam – Convener “The Muslim Voice”.

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