Price of Litro Gas cylinders reduced

The price of Litro Gas cylinders has been reduced from midnight tonight (04 October 2019), the Consumer Affairs Authority said.

The CAA said that the price of a 12.5 Kg LPG domestic gas cylinder has been reduced by Rs 240.00 in the Colombo District and by Rs 251.00 in all other Districts.

The Price of a 5 kg cylinder has been reduced by Rs 95.00 (in the Colombo District) and the price of a 2.3 kg cylinder has been reduced by Rs 30.00 (in Colombo District).

Accordingly, the new price of a 12.5 kg cylinder is Rs 1493.00 in the in Colombo District, 5 kg Cylinder Rs 598.00 and 2.5 kg cylinder Rs 289.00 in the Colombo District.


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