Brothel raided in Colombo, 23 Thai women arrested

The Police raided a brothel operating in Colombo and arrested 23 women from Thailand.

According to the Police, the brothel had been operating in Colombo 3 as a SPA.

The Police raided the brothel after obtaining a court order and arrested a Sri Lankan woman and the 23 women from Thailand.

A Police undercover officer had been used to crack the illegal operation.

Among those arrested were Thai women who had arrived in Sri Lanka on a tourist visa.

Further investigations are underway.


  1. Around 80% of so called Spas and Massage Parlour’s core business is the sex trade – mainly employing these women, who were brought under false pretences from their countries. Once in Sri Lanka, they are forcibly engage in this business even after the expiry of their visas. They are trapped as the brothel madams threaten them with calling the Police, of shaming them, informing their families back home etc., etc. All these places should be licensed and inspected unannounced. The clients who patronise these brothels too should be named and shamed. This is not new and authorities for some dubious reason tend not to monitor.


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