Sri Lanka cautions UN against selective political agendas

Sri Lanka today cautioned the United Nations (UN) against selective political agendas.

Foreign Secretary Ravinatha Aryasinha, speaking at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly, said that the UN must not be allowed to be hijacked by actors accountable to none with selective political agendas.

He also said that the UN must respect decisions taken regarding domestic matters.

Aryasinha called on the UN not to be misled by entities with vested interest.

“As the UN approaches its 75th anniversary next year, this is an excellent opportunity to assess its successes and failures including its engagement with Member States. Partnerships fostered between Member States and the UN, over seven decades based on trust and equity must not be compromised and allowed to be hijacked by actors accountable to none and with selective political agendas. With change in the landscape of global politics, particularly with the emergence of non-state actors, as an organization composed of and driven by sovereign Member States, it is vital, that primacy and respect be given to decisions taken by member states, regarding essentially domestic matters,” he said.

Sri Lanka urged for greater efforts within the UN to revitalize multilateralism, driven by equality in order to make the world body more cohesive, relevant and responsive to the needs of all Member States.

Aryasinha said that the UN must also desist from making decisions without a valid consultative process, as its work has to be always member state driven.

“Failure to do so will not only vilify this august body and negate the values that it represents, but will also break the trust of Member States, jeopardizing the partnership with the UN,” he said.

The Foreign Secretary was representing President Maithripala Sirisena at the UN General Assembly.

The President had withdrawn from the session owing to his busy schedule back home.


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