Number of elephants found dead in Habarana rises to seven

The number of elephants found dead in Habarana following suspected poisoning has risen to seven, the Wildlife Department said.

The Army and Police were deployed to search the forest reserve in Hambarana after five elephants were found dead.

During the search operation the carcasses of two more elephants were found this afternoon.

The carcass of the fifth elephant was found in Habarana this morning.

An investigation had been launched into the discovery of four wild elephants found dead in Habarana yesterday.

The carcasses were found near a tank bund in Hiriwadunna, Habarana and among them was a pregnant elephant.

Later a fifth elephant was found dead today and a search had been launched in the area fearing more elephants may have been poisoned.

Subsequently two more dead elephants were found. (Colombo Gazette)

Pictures by Kanchana Ariyadasa


  1. Why are people shocked,, This is sri lanka. Typical treatment of Innocent Animals. No Government protection at all. Sick of seeing these atrocities time and time again.


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