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Do you get excited at the thought of receiving gifts? Does the anticipation of what the package might be, if you will love what’s under the wrapping or have to fake a “Yup, that’s definitely what I wanted” make your spine tingle? Yes, we get it and that’s why the Sri Lankan inspired sock brand MAZE recently launched a subscription programme which lets you receive a totally random sock from their vast collection once a month for a period of either 6 or 12 months, allowing for you to don a different look periodically! To add some excitement to your wardrobe, head over to now!

With a range of colourful socks Maze also boasts of a wide selection of solid coloured socks for those who feel that that is more their style. For occasions that require simple dark socks, MAZE has their Classic Black and Navy Blue socks which come with their own fun twist at the toe of the socks. The rest of the self-coloured collection comprise of more vibrant, groovy colours that is in their funky names itself; ‘King Coconut Orange’, ‘Envy of the Room’ (Green) and ‘Yellow! Is it me you’re looking for?’

All MAZE socks are made with the finest combed cotton, and come pre-washed for maximum colour retention and comfort. MAZE can be purchased online at, where a percentage of each sale goes towards the upkeep of Prithipura Communities, or if you would prefer to touch and feel the products before purchase, they are also available at Café Kumbuk, Cotton Collection, Dilly & Carlo, O:LIVE.couture, Pendi, Selyn, ShirtWorks, Ripe or Urban Island stores.


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