China donates bomb detecting robots to Sri Lanka

China today donated high tech bomb detecting equipment, including bomb detecting robots to Sri Lanka.

The Chinese Government donated several equipment including drugs and explosive detectors worth Rs. 750 million to Sri Lanka.

The Chinese Ambassador to  Sri Lanka, Cheng Xueyuan officially handed over the equipment to President Maithripala Sirisena at the President’s Office today.

The modern apparatus was donated to Sri Lanka on a request made by President Sirisena.

The President’s office said that this marks the first occasion where such high-tech machines will be used for public security and drug detection activities in Sri Lanka.

Three bomb detecting robots which can detect explosives and drugs within a range of 3km valued at Rs. 85.5 million each were donated to Sri Lanka.

Three explosive detectors worth Rs. 90.5 million each were also donated and they have been designed to sense explosives and weapons hidden in the human body.

50 X-ray Security Inspection systems to search parcels and luggage were also donated. The total value stands at Rs. 210.5 million.

The Chinese government has also donated 25 Walk Through Safety Inspection Gates worth Rs. 6.5 million to detect weapons, 25 Hand Held Vehicle Scanners worth Rs. 3.2 million and 500 Hand Held Metal Detectors worth Rs. 2.75 million to be used by the Security Forces to detect automatic weapons carried by individuals.

A Chinese government delegation was present on the occasion.