Mobile internet speeds in India falls below Sri Lanka

Mobile internet speeds in India has fallen below Sri Lanka for the month of August as per the latest ‘Speedtest Global Index’ by Ookla.

India ranked 131 out of 145 countries in mobile internet speeds for the month of August while Sri Lanka ranked 83rd.

South Korea topped the list with an average mobile internet speed of 111 Mbps (megabit per second), almost double of what is available in Australia which took the second spot with 66.45Mbps. Qatar, Norway and UAE took the third, fourth and fifth spot with speed of 65.62 Mbps, 65.35Mbps and 64.11Mbps respectively.

The United States ranked couldn’t secure a spot among the top 10 countries and ranked 35th with an average speed of 36.23Mbps, according to the report.

As far as India is concerned, the country fell one spot to 131 at an average speed of 10.65Mbps. In India, when compared to August 2018, the average download speed increased from 9.15Mbps to 10.65Mbps. Meanwhile, the upload speed slightly increased from 3.48Mbps to 4.23Mbps between August 2018 and 2019.

East Timor recorded the lowest speed of 4.71Mbps. Neighbouring countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Nepal ranked higher than India in the global mobile internet speed test index. While Sri Lanka ranked 83rd with a speed of 22.04Mbps, Pakistan grabbed the 118th spot with 13.08Mbps. On the other hand, Nepal scored slightly more than India and occupied the 130th spot with a speed of 10.78Mbps in August 2019.

Meanwhile, the global average mobile internet download speed increased to 28.02Mbps while the upload speed was almost flat at 10.87Mbps.

Ookla had released a similar report in December 2018 in which India had ranked 111 (out of 123 countries) in mobile internet speeds and 65th (out of 126 countries) in fixed line broadband internet speeds. As per the report, India ranked low in download speeds for both mobile and fixed line when compared to global average speed. While the global average download speed for mobile broadband internet was 24.40 Mbps (megabit per second) in 2018, India lagged at an average download speed of 9.93 Mbps



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