British Cosmetics CEO wins WIM ‘Top 50’ Award

Nirosha Jagodaarachchi, CEO and brainchild of British Cosmetics Pvt Ltd won the prestigious ‘Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur (large category) award, at the recently concluded ‘Top 50’ Professional and Career Women Awards 2019.

Held for the ninth consecutive year, these awards are organised by Women in Management (WIM). The platform is dedicated to uniting Sri Lanka’s professional and entrepreneurial women to realise their highest potential by creating a network of support, leadership and professional services to develop skillsets of member and non-members alike in Sri Lanka.

Having started from scratch in 1998, British Cosmetics Pvt Ltd; a then 4-person operation has exponentially grown over the last two decades into a 275 employee cosmetic manufacturing, retailing and exporting organisation.

The company also has beauty and hair academies and lifestyle salons that operate within its capacity. The entirety of British Cosmetics Pvt Ltd.’s success story falls on the back of Ms. Jagodaarachchi who has tirelessly worked to establish herself and her company as one of Sri Lanka’s leading cosmetic and beauty care products entities.

Ms. Jagodaarachchi has in numerous ways contributed to the furthering of beauty care and cosmetics industry in Sri Lanka. She is also one of the pioneers to introduce nail art and nail technology to the island. She has also collaborated with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nano Technology in introducing the manufacturing of cosmetics using nano tech for both local and international markets.

Sharing her views on winning this award, Nirosha Jagodaarachchi said, “I’m truly humbled at being recognised among the Top 50 for my efforts as an entrepreneur. Over the last 20 years we have worked hard to bring British Cosmetics to where it is today and we have been able to do so because we make sure that all that we do meet the highest standards globally. I am committed to furthering the Sri Lankan cosmetics industry, while scaling new heights of personal beauty care and lifestyle and most importantly, taking Sri Lankan women to the world. For if we put our minds and effort to it, then the possibilities are endless.

Apart from Manufacturing, retailing and exporting beauty care products. Ms. Jagodaarachchi also initiated the British Cosmetics Academy of Hair and Beauty in 2010 for apprenticeships and training and has acclaimed commendable results through graduated students.

Currently as the head of the team of more than 30 professional hair dressers, beauticians and nail technicians and 275 staff in total, her main focus is on continuous skills development and upgrades, ensuring the highest performances with an excellent customer care attributes.

Ms. Jagodaarachchi also fulfils a multi-faceted role overlooking the vast activities of her company including but not limited to the creative and art direction, research and development and assigned and planning and development of strategies of the company. She also acts as the Head in Training at the British Cosmetics Academy of Hair and Beauty.

Ms. Nirosha Jagodaarachchi’s hands on approach to creating excellence and promoting and providing uncompromised world class skin and beauty care products, visionary outlook and undeniable hard work, forges the path for Sri Lanka’s aspiring female entrepreneurs to conquer the world.


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