Soldier dies after falling into the sea during training

A soldier died after falling into the sea during a training exercise in Kuchchaveli, the Police said.

The Police said that the soldier had been training for the ‘Diyakawa’ military drill when the accident took place.

The soldier had jumped from a plane and opened his parachute.

Strong winds had dragged him away from his landing spot and he fell into the sea.

The Police said that the soldier had drowned after falling into the sea.

He was pronounced dead on admission to the Trincomalee hospital.

The soldier was identified as 35 year old K.S Priyantha, a resident of Galle.

The Trincomalee harbor Police are conducting further investigations.


  1. It is not the life of a simple Sodier. At 35 He is a head of a family. The nation share the sorrow of this tragedy and extend the sympathy to famiy members, friends, and fellow soldiers. The question may arise was there sufficient ground/ sea support staff during training.


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