Stax funds Negombo Reconciliation Centre in partnership with Sri Lanka Unites

Stax, Sri Lanka’s leading management consultancy firm, recently partnered with Sri Lanka Unites (SLU) in an effort to uplift the community of Negombo by funding a computer lab project at the Negombo Reconciliation Centre. With the aim of enriching and developing young talent in Negombo, this initiative is implemented in order to drive reconciliation and unity within its society.

Widely considered as the go-to employer, Stax thoroughly practices its corporate social responsibilities, incorporating both work and social ethics in the fabric of its corporate culture. By contributing towards the development of the nation, Stax helps promote unity and inclusiveness – additionally volunteering to mentor students through the company’s insightful internship programs.

Mr. Prashan De Visser – Founder and President of SLU stated, “Sri Lanka Unites takes great pleasure in partnering with Stax Inc. in a combined effort to promote reconciliation and empowerment of the Sri Lankan youth. As a first step, SLU received computer hardware from Stax Inc. with extreme gratitude – which will be used at one of our new reconciliation centres which will be opening soon”. He further commented, “We are confident that this partnership will contribute to better serve the communities.”

As a firm that harnesses potential individuals and facilitates an environment of diverse personalities, Stax generates a variety of unique insights on a wide range of topics, industries and social concerns; thus, producing a generation of competent thought leaders. By engaging and helping its non-profit clients in a unique manner, Stax is able to support local communities, discover tremendous opportunities to solve critical social issues and produce sustainable solutions for every challenge it faces.

Operating for over 20 years, Stax advices 100+ Global Private Equity funds and 25+ Fortune 500 companies. Headquartered in Boston, offices spanning across Chicago, New York and Colombo, Stax has delivered over 2,500+ client engagements across diverse industries, covering 40+ international markets. This enables Stax to inspire both individuals and organizations to dream big, think outside the box and complement gut-based decisions with fact-based research.


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