Amnet launched in Sri Lanka

Dentsu Aegis Network ushers in a new frontier in Sri Lanka’s media & data landscape, with the launch of Amnet; the global leader in programmatic advertising, transforming the media, marketing and digital domains in the country.

The launch was attended by senior leaders of multinational brands, conglomerates, publishers, media organizations, digital service providers and large Sri Lankan corporates. Salil Shankar, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Amnet, India, the Chief Data Officer (CDO) and Gautam Mehra- Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DAN Programmatic together with the Sri Lankan Dentsu Aegis Network leadership launched the programmatic advertising platform recently.

Amnet is Dentsu’s programmatic group, leveraging the use of hundreds of data points, to provide content that’s relevant to audiences, allowing brands to create precise and relevant journeys for their customers. This data-first approach to marketing unifies online and offline media touchpoints allows Sri Lankan brands to be on par with their global counterparts in terms of customer experience.

Amnet in depth as the sole consumer oriented digital platform that utilizes data to create customized digital solutions to its patrons. Thus, through expanding the scope for digital media with the launch of Amnet in Sri Lanka.

Welcoming everyone at the event, Neela Marikkar, Chairperson and Managing Director, Dentsu Grant Group said “We are very excited to announce that Amnet, the premier programmatic platform is now officially a part of Dentsu Aegis Network, Sri Lanka. Through AMNET, we hope to deliver highly effective audience segmentation using local and global inventory for our clients inthe field of programmatic buying and audience management solutions which will, without a doubt,revolutionize the advertising industry in Sri Lanka. Through this powerful collaboration of Dentsu Aegis Network and AMNET in Sri Lanka, we hope to deliver efficient and cost effective solutions to our client’s brands.

Business Director-Amnet Sri Lanka, Nisal De Silva presented the recent developments in the digital advertising landscape in Sri Lanka. Elaborating further on the digital ad spend projection in Sri Lanka and Global digital ad spend trends, he said, “At Amnet, we believe in scaling up the full potential of our brands to profile new customers, deliver unique messaging and creatives, and connect audiences across channels. We know that Amnet will create a paradigm shift in digital and we hope to be the Sri Lankan pioneers of this revolution.”

The closing remarks were made by Isobar’s Director Chamith Buthgamuwa, “AMNET plays a vital role across the consumer funnel for brands. We’ve seen a shift over the past two years as brands have evolved and advertisers have started using programmatic to automate their digital media buying and activate full-funnel campaigns. AMNET enhances a brand’s overall value by helping to engage the same consumer at different stages of the purchase journey and enabling advertisers to carry out full-funnel campaigns across several channels at the same time.”

Amnet is Dentsu Aegis Network’s programmatic group, with over 600+ programmatic experts and across 40+ markets.

Amnet’s mission is to build and leverage data, in order to deliver more meaningful and personalised messaging insights. Our expert team specialises in enriching the relationships between our brands, their customers and the experiences that they have with each other.

Amnet comprises a team of programmatic experts from the Dentsu Aegis Network, who specialise in programmatic buying, programmatic media planning, data analytics and audience data.

Supported by the Amnet Audience Center, their global proprietary data management platform, Amnet specialists work with each Dentsu Aegis Network agency to deliver programmatic solutions that are seamless and unified with broader communication goals.


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