Sika’s globally reputed chemical products preferred by leading infrastructure projects in Sri Lanka

Having cemented its credentials in the Sri Lankan market as a high-quality supplier of construction products catering to any and every requirement from basement to roof, Sika Lanka stands tall as the preferred provider in the field of specialty chemicals for the construction industry since 1984.

With a footprint in over 100 countries worldwide, the company is part of Sika Group, available on shelves throughout the world as it forges ahead to penetrate all markets with a full range of highest quality Construction Chemicals.

With exclusive expertise and experience since 1910 in the construction chemical industry, Sika has been developing construction products and system solutions to meet requirements and standards, optimize the construction process and extend the life cycle of structures. Associated with incomparable construction projects such as the impressive Itaipu Dam in Brazil, Shanghai’s new landmark the Shanghai World Financial Center and the longest train tunnel in the world, the new Gotthard rail link in Switzerland, Sika Group is going from strength to strength.

In Sri Lanka, Sika has been involved in the Kotagala Tunnel where for the first time an umbrella type membrane system was used for tunnel waterproofing, Altair Project where the project requirement was to achieve a strength of 25mpa in 24hrs and to continuously pump concrete from the ground up to 290m, Upper Elehara Canal Project, Uma Oya Multi-Purpose project, Central expressway, BIA refurbishment, Southern expressway extension and the Puttalam Solid waste management project are just a few noteworthy projects that Sika has assisted within the last 5 years of operations in Sri Lanka. Sika Lanka’s expert team with its network of certified applicators supports all customers to make the right choice for durable solutions.

Sika’s successful research and development has created several strategical core competencies in concrete admixtures, concrete repair and protection, waterproofing solutions, roofing solutions, epoxy/cementitious and flooring solutions. All these products and solutions are critical to ensure high quality construction. The company is synonymous with quality, service, safety and environmental care. Sika Lanka’s world-leading branded products are all proven solutions and are based on the company’s core capabilities and expertise which are proven solutions since 1910.

Commenting on the company’ success, the Country Manager of Sika Lanka, Dilhan Alexander says, “Sika Lanka has become synonymous with specialty chemicals for the rapidly expanding construction industry in Sri Lanka. Our global presence and reach ensures that we are committed to quality, service, safety and environmental care. Therefore we are able to assure our customers that they will receive a world leading solution. Our core values of Innovation, Consistency and Partnership drive our operations in Sri Lanka. Sika has been associated with some leading infrastructure projects in the country, which reflects the trust and confidence placed in our brands. Our sustainable approach to business makes us the number one choice for construction chemicals solutions in Sri Lanka and around the world.”

The company’s Building Systems Division, covers waterproofing, flooring, joint sealing, wood floor bonding, structural bonding, concrete repair and protection, concrete strengthening, grouting, anchoring, corrosion and fire protection of steel structures and roofing, etc. This stellar team targets close cooperation with property owners, architects, engineers and contractors to create a value chain, from conceptual design possibilities to easy maintenance solutions.

Besides product and system supply, Sika’s sales and technical services teams are involved and available for direct customer support throughout every phase of the construction process – from initial planning, detailed design and on-site execution, completion and handover, as well as in maintenance throughout the intended service life.

Established in 1996 as a corporate business, Sika Distribution has developed into an important and successful Customer Division of Sika. High performance Sika products that have been approved on the biggest construction sites all over the world are also available through a world-wide network of more than 200,000 Distributors.

The world’s biggest as well as many small and mid-size distributors rely on Sika products. In Sri Lanka, these products are available through Sika Lanka’s partner JAT Holdings and are available at their retail and technical outlets. Through this partnership Sika’s know-how becomes available to large construction companies and homeowners alike.