Hilton Colombo’s seasonal specialty; Lemongrass

It’s all about lemongrass at Hilton Colombo. That’s right! Hilton Colombo’s special seasonal produce for the month of September is lemongrass.

Executive Chef Robert Mujagic has once again outdone himself by going all out to serve the flavours of lemongrass throughout September at selected outlets.

To start with, Graze Kitchen has introduced a special lemongrass inspired menu- lemongrass Shrimp balls. Sizzling Chicken Thigh, lamb Satay in lemongrass, Assiet of Thai Set and for desserts a special Lemongrass Panna Cotta with Macerated Strawberries.

A range of special lemongrass infused beverages from Lychee Gin Spritzer, Rum Lemongrass Fizz, Ginger Lemongrass Punch and Minty Lemongrass Tea will also be available at L.A.B.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Head-over to Café Kai and indulge in the unusual and delicious flavours of lemongrass pralines, truffles, cakes, bakeries and beverages. Don’t forget, these delicious dishes are only available in September, so head-over to Hilton Colombo right now and we will be delighted to serve you our seasonal produce of the month.

For details on what’s happening at the Hilton Colombo please contact the F&B Reservations Desk on +94 11 2492492 or log on to www.hiltoncolombo1.com or facebook.com/Hilton


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