Convenient health package solutions through Ninewells Hospitals’ Healthy Living Center

Taking another stride towards safeguarding client convenience in all areas of service, Ninewells Hospital established their Healthy Living Center, through which individuals receive informed and accurate guidance when selecting the health package most suited for their needs.

“The Healthy Living Center at Ninewells Hospital was established to offer privacy and absolute convenience for clients who wish to select the health package that is best suited for them depending on their age, gender, budget and also any medical conditions that they may have. The clients have the option of conducting the preliminary discussions over the phone or in person, depending on their preference, followed by the screening and then the referral where required,” said Chandani Wanigasekara, Assistant Manager – Business Development, Ninewells Hospital.

The Healthy Living Center at Ninewells Hospital guides clients to select packages under several categories. With women’s health being one of the core focuses of the hospital, the first category covers health packages under the ‘Well Woman Clinic’. Depending on a female’s age, marital status and health condition they will be recommended packages that range from the Well Woman Standard Package to the Premier Package and extends to General Cancer Screening, Gynecological Cancer Screening and Breast Cancer Screening.

Under the Live Healthy, Stay Healthy category both male and female clients will be guided to choose general health packages under Executive Health Checkup – Standard, Deluxe or Premier. This category also offers more focused packages depending on the individuals lifestyle and health condition as well, and these range from Diabetic screening packages to General Cancer screening for men and women, Sports and Fitness Checks, Food Handlers Checks and Preventive Health Screening Packages.

In addition the center also recommends a special Premarital package for couples who are entering marriage, which additionally offers counselling with a consultant Gynecologist.

“The Healthy Living Center staff are trained and experienced to guide our clients to select the package that is most relevant to them. Health packages are also much more economical than purchasing over the counter tests and are offered at around a 25% discount,” added Ms. Wanigasekara.


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