Sri Lanka to celebrate World Tourism Day 2019 with focus on employment

World Tourism Day is commemorated each year on 27th September globally with the purpose of fostering awareness among the global community of tourism’s social, cultural, political and economic value.

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority along with the other 3 key institutions of Sri Lanka Tourism under the guidance of the Ministry of Tourism Development, Wildlife & Christian Religious Affairs is organizing a series of events to celebrate this year’s World Tourism Day in collaboration with University of Colombo.

Every year, there is a different theme for celebrations and this year’s theme is ‘Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all’.

Tourism is a major source of employment because of its labor-intensive nature and the significant multiplier effect on employment in related sectors.

It is estimated that one job in the core tourism sector creates about one-and-a-half additional or indirect jobs in the tourism-related economy.

Tourism also creates jobs in rural and remote areas, not only directly but also indirectly through the preservation and restoration of traditional activities. Often it is one of the few viable economic sectors in these areas.

Overall tourism accounts for one in ten jobs worldwide and Tourism industry in Sri Lanka currently provides more than 500,000 jobs opportunities in Sri Lanka.

This year all National Tourists Organizations have get together with the objectives of showing the international community that Sri Lanka is safe and secure to travel and to show the local communities that how tourism can create many jobs and provide economic, social and cultural benefits.

Event Activities

  • Official Celebrations and Exhibition & Job fair at the Arcade Independence Squareon 27th September
  • Opening of the newly refurbished Sulanka Bunglow in Bentota – the 1st resort of Sri Lanka on 27th September evening.
  • Regional World Tourism Day Celebrations in Arugambay on 28th September in parallel to World Surf League (WSL) 2019
  • Tourism Leaders’ Summit & International Tourism Research Conference at BMICH on 28thSeptember by University of Colombo
  • A Food Street and Entertainment Programme will also take place at Arcade Independence Square on 27thand 28th September from 6.00 pm- 10.30 pm


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