Northern Governor revokes new health service recruitment

Governor of the Northern Province, Dr. Suren Raghavan has issued a directive to the relevant officials to immediately revoke the results of the interviews held last month to recruit 454 health service assistants and conduct the interviews again with 1932 candidates who applied for the vacant posts.

The Governor’s Office said that some fraudulent activity had been noted in the recruitment carried out last month and it was brought to the attention of the Governor.

Dr. Suren Raghavan has sent a directive to revoke the selection list and also warned that appropriate legal action will be taken against those who attend the interview with forged certificates and documents.

The Governor also instructed the officials to conduct the interview and appoint the selected candidates to the vacant posts within one month.

“For this purpose, 24 teams will be formed and each team will contain 3 officials and in addition to them, one representative from the Northern Province Public Representation and one representative from the interviewees will also participate as spectators. Therefore it is expected that transparency would be assured during the interviews,” the Governor’s Office said.


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