Ranil denies claims he declared himself candidate

Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe has denied claims he had declared himself as the Presidential candidate of the United National Party (UNP) during talks with a group of UNP seniors yesterday.

A spokesperson for the Prime Minister said today that Wickremesinghe had only said that he will inform the UNP Working Committee of his position with regards to the candidate and let the Working Committee decide.

Several senior UNP members had met Wickremesinghe yesterday to discuss the conflict in the UNP on the President candidate of the United National Front.

There were reports that at the meeting Wickremesinghe had said he will definitely contest the election.

However an official at the Prime Minister’s Office, today said that the Prime Minister had only asserted that the Working Committee of the UNP will decide on the candidate.


  1. Get out Ranil
    Your record with the Central bank issue has made you a another crooked leader. U N P and your self elected committees endorsing you is undemocratic. The Full party should elect a candidate.
    You have been a looser for 25 years.
    Give the party a chance of a new leadership.
    For you will loose and will destroy the party.
    Don’t end up in disgrace.

  2. RW 26 years leading the UNP its good and enough please step down still you can be the PM in 2020 you have been heading and giving leadership for UNP too long that is the reason you cant give up the leadership time up for you please step down


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