Christell Skin Clinic expands operations to the Maldives

Sri Lanka’s leading cosmetology center, the Christell Skin Clinic, has expanded its operations overseas with the opening of the Coco Skin Clinic in the Maldives.

The launch event was graced with the presence of the First Lady of Maldives, Fazna Ahmed, as well as Director of Christell Skin Clinic Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne, and Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne.

The Coco Skin Clinic will serve asa multi-service skincare beauty and treatment hub and will beled by the expertise of distinguished skincare specialist, Dr. Shanika Arsecularatne.

Conveniently located in Male, the clinic will offer a refreshing and innovative new experience for residents of the vibrant city as well as for visiting tourists to the capital. With the launch of the new center, not only has the Christell brand unveiled the next generation skin clinic, but also a vibrant new identity which will continue to lead the industry as it always has.

Founded in 2014 by accomplished skincare expert Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne, the Christell Skin Clinic has earned a distinctive reputation for itself as the most advanced cosmetic skin care center in the nation. In addition to Prof. Arsecularatne’s 30 years of industry experience, the clinic employs an expert pool of MedicalDoctors, cosmetologists, and dermal therapists to fulfill an all-encompassing portfolio of skin, hair and body care needs to clients of all age groups.

As testimony to its commitment to providing high-quality, advanced dermatological solutions for women and men alongside outstanding customer care, the Christell Skin Clinic was awarded the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification earlier this year – the first skin center in the country to have committed to this industry standard.

The Coco Skin Clinic in Male will offer the entire range of Christell Skin Clinic’s services, and with the same degree of personalized service will cater to every skin and head-to-toe aesthetic concerns.

“Our expansion into key areas is part of our regional strategy to establish the Christell brand, and to leave our distinctive mark of high-quality services and solutions that have our customers looking and feeling their best,” said Prof. Ramani Arsecularatne of Christell Skin Clinic of its new milestone.“We have a special and enduring relationship with our clients here in Sri Lanka, and we hope to foster the same with our new clientele at Coco Skin Clinic in Male.”

As with the Christell Skin Clinic, where quality and safety are prioritized at the forefront for each customer experience, all treatments at the Christell Skin Clinic will also be US FDA approved and personalized, combining signature services and highly effective products with cutting edge non-surgical medical technology.


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