Australia warns Sri Lankan asylum seekers on ‘Zero Chance’

The head of Australia’s operation to combat illegal maritime migration was in Colombo and Negombo today, calling upon Sri Lankans to join in efforts to warn of the dangers and long term consequences of attempting illegal immigration by boat.

In charge of Australia’s Operation Sovereign Borders, Major General Craig Furini AM, CSC said that since the establishment of Operation Sovereign Borders in September 2013, Australia has worked with Sri Lanka to return 204 people from 12 people smuggling boats with no one successfully making the journey to Australia.

“Australia shares a strong and productive relationship with the Sri Lankan Government. Together we are working to combat people smuggling, educate the vulnerable people they target and stopping people from dying at sea,” Major General Furini said.

Last month, 13 illegal immigrants were promptly returned to Sri Lanka after a people smuggling vessel was intercepted by Australian authorities. The 13 men were handed over to Sri Lankan authorities and are under further investigation. They join 25 other individuals from two other vessels who have been returned to Sri Lanka since May 2019.

“Australia’s tough border protection policies mean no one who travels illegally by boat will ever be allowed to live or work in Australia. By attempting the illegal journey, they automatically lose any chance of legal migration to Australia they may have had.”

In June 2019, the Australian Government launched a ‘Zero Chance’ campaign to dissuade potential illegal immigrants from joining people smuggling ventures by informing them of Australia’s strong policies and the dangers of illegal migration to Australia by sea.

The successful campaign has seen TV, radio, press and digital advertising carrying the message across Sri Lanka.

In support of this campaign, Major General Furini announced Australia’s intention to host a film festival, where Sri Lankans will have the opportunity to submit short films about the
dangers and consequences of attempting illegal maritime migration. He hopes the involvement of current and aspiring film makers will complement existing campaign efforts.

“We won’t stop in our efforts to make sure people across Sri Lanka understand that illegal maritime travel is just not worth the risk to their lives or the financial burden and I am hopeful that Sri Lankans can help get that message across.”

“An illegal boat journey is as pointless as it is dangerous. There is zero chance of illegal migration to Australia,” Major General Furini said.

Further information on the film festival will be shared to the Australian High Commission Facebook page:


  1. When the people in Sri Lanka board boats to come illegally to Australia, they should be warned that they have no chance of being accepted into Australia.If by chance they find an illegal way of entering they should be reminded that they are an illegal person as regards to Australia and that they will be sent back immediately.If they are a person who has through some means landed in Australia and have moved to a place in Australia outside of our Capital Cities, the same rule must apply.They should be arrested and immediately sent back to their place of departure. If they have children born whilst in Australia that should and must not mean
    that they can all stay in the Country.They should all be sent back to their Port of departure never to return to Australia.

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