Ogilvy Media innovates for Sprite with groundbreaking campaign

Ogilvy Media, a leading strategic and media buying agency in Sri Lanka, created a real time weather check system with tailored messaging, aimed to excite the public to beat the heat with Sprite.

Sprite is a brand of Coca-Cola Sri Lanka and is renowned to be one of the most refreshing beverages in the world.

In line with the brand’s global summer campaign this year, which aims to inspire consumers to drink a Sprite, particularly in hot weather conditions to cool off, Ogilvy Media developed an innovative campaign that used an outdoor LED system to display the temperature in key locations in Colombo with customize messaging on each display, based on the temperature at each location.

The real-time weather update was displayed at a specific time of the hour with a customized message, which automatically analyzed the temperature, humidity and weather patterns at that moment. The system was developed to pick up over 30 weather patterns along with temperature and humidity levels, in order to display customize messages.

The real-time weather updating advertisements are in eight key locations in Colombo including the Liberty Plaza Roundabout, Town Hall, Bambalapitiya, Independence Arcade (BMICH) and Dutch Hospital.

Ogilvy Media, partnered with ADA Digital Singapore and Emerging Media to introduce the system for the first time in Sri Lanka. ADA Digital Singapore developed the back-end program for the system and Emerging Media; the leading outdoor digital screen operator in Sri Lanka, integrated and executed the program locally to successfully launch the campaign for Sprite. The creatives for the campaign were developed by Phoenix Ogilvy.

Ogilvy Media, the independent media agency within the Ogilvy group of Sri Lanka, has over the years built a strong identity for introducing innovations to the advertising and communication industry. Lalith Sumanasiri, Managing Director of Ogilvy Media noted that, “We are always searching of new avenues to connect brands with their audiences, keeping in mind the changing behaviors and habits of people. Ogilvy Media holds a strong innovation track record and we will continue to develop new ways to cut through the clutter, merging the best of the best local creativity and talent with international resources, for our clients”


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