Mob led by monk threatens woman over saree

A mob led by a Buddhist monk is seen on a video which has gone viral threatening a woman over a saree she is wearing which allegedly has images of the Lord Buddha.

The incident had reportedly taken place at a bus stop in Trincomalee where the woman and two others, including a child are surrounded and threatened in the presence of the Police.

The monk is heard saying in the video that if she was not a woman he would have assaulted her.

The woman then goes down and asks for forgiveness saying she did not intend to disrespect Buddhism and that she was not aware that the image printed on her saree was that of the Lord Buddha.

However the monk refused to let her go and insisted that she is arrested by the Police.

It was reported that she was taken to the Police station where she was later asked to change into another saree before being allowed to leave.


  1. Sri Lanka has the best fed Buddhist monks in the world.When the whole country worships these saffron robed thugs, and treats them as demi God’s; they become emboldened. Applying the term priest to this miscreant is oxymoronic to say the least.

  2. No one has the right to intimidate another in this manner. The irony is that people are lookin on without taking a firm stand . When people act this way it gives a false sense of superiority to the perpetrator. Just listen to his language….a disgrace. The problem could have been very peacefully solved by simply advising the lady not to dress wear that particular Saree.


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