Hilton Colombo wins National Sustainable Tourism certificate

Hilton Colombo was among the 37 hotels to be awarded the first National Sustainable Tourism Certificate (NSTC) by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) for adhering to impressive sustainable practices.

Hilton Colombo, with its celebration of 33 years in 2019, has committed to sustainable development in many ways. In terms of solid waste management, plastic bottles are separated and sent to a recycling factory which produces yarn. All solid generated waste such as newspapers, cardboards, glass bottles, plastic containers are segregated and handed over daily to the municipal council for recycling purposes.

Furthermore, Hilton Colombo has reduced the amount of single use plastic in its operations.  The hotel has introduced paper based straws in place of plastic for all its food and beverage outlets; all take away bags and cake boxes are made of paper; chop-sticks & cocktail stirrers are now all wood-based.

In terms of water efficiency, sensor taps have been installed in public bathrooms which reduce water wastage by 10%, water level sensors have also been installed in the pool and pond which contributes to water efficiency by at least 30%.

A total of USD $630,000 has been invested to install state of the art chilled water air conditioning systems with oil-free magnetic bearings and a variable frequency chiller for energy efficiency. This system consists of cooling towers with pumps and motors with variable speed drives which reduces energy consumption. It is backed by a new Building Management System which includes 1000 points of controls at fingertips with wiring of 18,000 meters of cat6 cables around the building to monitor, control and maintain guest services and comfort.

Hilton commits to cutting down environmental footprints by half and doubling social impact investments through responsible hospitality across our value chain by 2030.


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